Artist’s Statement

The nexus between music and painting and ways of pictorially representing sound and silence, have been the main subjects of my work as an artist since 1980. This exploration has many facets from attempts at a pictorial representation of sound, to the creation of environments (maybe places or landscapes) that result from the sensations, feelings, states of mind and/or visions generated by music. My work has gone through different stages from attempts to illustration of specific musical work to explorations of aspects of the musical structure itself. This is, of course, purely subjective
The final phase of production in my work is distinguished by a return to painting, almost forgotten in my eagerness in use it as a medium instead of a purpose, and the utilization of all I’ve learned through the years about shaping a pictorial – not musical – art work, which held all the spiritual power of music, as an autonomous entity, without moving it away from it’s musical sources by means of referent codes, which, I hope, made possible the identification of the theme by the viewer.
The resolution of this process continues to evolve as I grow as an artist and a person. It remains my principal challenge
Miguel Cerejido

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exhibitions, Fairs and other events

1979- Itinerant Exhibition in Europe.
1984- 1st Biennial of Havana. "L" Gallery, Havana.
1985- School of Arts and Literature. University of Havana.
1987- Professor’s Salon. Superior Institute of Industrial Design, Havana.
1989- "INTERART" Fair. Poland.
1990- "La Acacia" Gallery inauguration. Havana.
1991- "70 years of Cuban Painting" "Siqueiros" Polyforum.
1992- Auction at the centre Cuban studies. New York.
1993- Fair of Seville. Spain
1997- Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Art. Madrid, Spain.
1998- "Gallery Terra". Wuppertal. Germany.
1998- XXV Anniversary of the Latin-American Commission of Civil Aviation. Mexico.
1999- "Con un poco de Amor". Visual Arts and Design Provincial Center. Havana.
2000- Design and decoration works for the "Catholic Immigration Centre". Ottawa. Canada.
2001- Design and decoration works with the stage designer Simon Clark, for the "Tulip Festival" At David Caution & Mark Masters' studio). Ottawa. Canada.
2003- Multimedia Fundraiser Art Auction in support of Ottawa Outaouais Social Forum celebrated at Babylon Night Club, Ottawa.
2003- Becomes a Board Member of Art Kollectif Media Foundation Inc. and participates in the preparation of Studio One Grand Finale's Celebration working on promotional graphics and organizing the silent art auction, among other activities.
2005- First Annual Mayor's Art Festival. Ottawa City Hall. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
2005- Christmas Sale at the Glebe Community Centre. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
2006- "Plain Air Canada" group exhibition at Art Rental and Sales at The Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG).
2006- "Can You Take the Heat?" group exhibition at Art Rental and Sales at The Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG).
2006- Nomad Gallery's "Earth Tribe" group exhibition at The Electric Gallery.
2006- "NOVUS" group exhibition at Art Rental and Sales at The Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG).
2006- "PREVIEW". Group show of diverse artists, from Ottawa, Toronto, Nanaimo and Surrey at the Parkdale Gallery's Grand Opening exhibition (December 7th 6 to 9pm). November 15th, 2006 to January 15th, 2007.
2007- "New Canadians". Parkdale Gallery. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
2007- "SUMMER SALON". Art Rental and Sales. The Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG). Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
2009- "Art of Giving" / Group Exhibit . Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Personal Exhibits
1984- Center for the research and development of Cuban Music. Havana. Cuba.
1985- "From Music to Canvas". Cuban Found of Cultural Wealth Gallery. (FIB) Havana. Cuba.
1986- "Arte Universal" Gallery. Trinidad, Cuba.
          Wifredo Lam Gallery. Havana. Cuba.
          Superior Institute of Industrial Design's Gallery. Havana. Cuba.
1991- "Do’s". "La Acacia", and "La Habana" Galleries. Havana. Cuba.
1995- "Time, Music, Painting; Frederic Chopin" Embassy of Poland. Havana. Cuba.
1999- III International Fair Cubadisco 99 . Pabexpo. Havana. Cuba.
          " Ad Lib". National Hotel Of Cuba. Gallery. Havana. Cuba.
2000- "Ad Lib". Visual Arts Centre, Orléans, Ontario, Canada.
          " Cerejido's Selected Works". "Au café 4 Jeudis". Hull. Quebec. Canada.
2004- Complete design and creation of The Black Sheep Stage set for the Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest 2004. Ottawa. Canada.
2005- "Paths: Music and Magic". Cumberland Gallery. Orléans, Ontario, Canada.
2005- "Selected paintings by Miguel Cerejido". The Dovercourt Gallery. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

1986- 1st Place in painting. "V Salon UNEAC". Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.
          Painting Award at the Provincial Encounter of Landscape. Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.
1998- 2nd Place at the Painting Contest of the Civil Aeronautics Institute of Cuba.
2002- January 2003 Digital Color Artist Of The Month. Digital Consciousness Art Database.
2004- July 2004 The Ottawa Citizen “Best Ambiance” award to The Black Sheep stage design at Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest 2004.